7 Vs. 5

I remember being an impressionable 11 year old and my eyes lighting up as these 7 amazing girls took the stage in the 1996 Olympics. 
 Shannon Miller, Dominique Moceanu, Dominique Dawes, Kerri Strug, Amy Chow, Amanda Borden, and Jaycie Phelps. 
Oh how I wished I was able to do the things they were!
 I still remember sitting in front of the tv with my closest girlfriend dreaming that one day we could be where they are.  
We would make up routines just like them in my room, and on the trampoline too. 
Pointing our toes, doing back hand springs into a back tuck and landing perfectly! 
We would participate as our favorite person, mine always being Dominique Moceanu!  
The magnificent seven are forever etched into my memory.
A piece of my childhood not forgotten.
Fast forward. 
 I’m now 27 and there’s a group of girls dubbed The Fab 5.  
Gabby Douglas, Aly Raisman, Kyla Ross, McKayla Maroney, Jordan Wieber.
All sorts of changes to the rules and scoring of gymnastics have happened.
 I’m married with 3 kids hehe.  
But there was just something about this group of girls that had me glued to the tv (now a HD flat screen lol) Just like I was all those years ago!
 I’ll tell you what…
I was certainly brought right back to my 11 year old self sitting in my living room right on the edge of my seat, a twinkling in my eyes from watching the amazing things these girls are capable of doing.  
So thank you Fab 5 for letting a tired, under appreciated mom of three small boys have a great moment from her childhood back 🙂
I am so glad that I was able to watch the glory of the Fab 5 win gold for the USA…
even if it was 16 years later…eeeek!

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