I just want to write

For me writing has always been therapeutic. 
I have always been better getting out what I need to say by writing down what I mean rather than trying to say it.  
Oh Lord, when I try to say what I feel it just comes out all jumbled and messy!
 Does that ever happen to you? 
 I remember being a little girl and getting my first Diary-I think I bought it at Six Flags haha!
  It had gold trimmed pages, was teal blue and had tweety bird on the front! 
It made me feel so sophisticated 🙂
 I felt like I had so much power…like I finally had the ability to write down what I felt, and thought it actually had a purpose. 
 I have always been drawn toward words and the English language. 
 I may “abandon” this little spot of mine for a while-but without fail I am always drawn back because I love the fact that I have my own little space to write down my thoughts.  
Sometimes it’s writers block that keeps me away.
 Sometimes I feel as thought my thoughts are too boring for anyone to read…
and sometimes I just get caught up in this thing called life.
But let’s face it most days I.need.this. 
 With everything else that is going on its good for me to take a time out for me to just sit and write.
  Some days the writing has more meaning than others, but after my recent health scare I have learned a very important lesson…
We have to do what makes us happy. 
We’re not promised tomorrow.
That’s a fact. And I’m going to take advantage of every opportunity that comes my way.

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