Ever since I can remember I have been a perfectionist. 
 An over achiever if you will. 
 I thought everything had to be the best, and I always had to be on point. 
 Boy was I wrong! 
 A few years ago when I decided I wanted to really start developing my Christianity I realized that living my life according to the way Jesus wants me to isn’t always easy. 
 In fact most days it’s a battle
 Sure some days are easier than others but some days I feel like I can’t reach perfection, and that is very frustrating! 
 It feels unattainable…and then it hit me. 
 That’s okay.
 As much as He wants us to live a perfect life because He is perfect He also knows that we are human and that we sin.
 Isn’t that great news?
 He realizes that while we can try our darn hardest day in and day out we will never reach perfection because we are not Him.
 Sure some days are easier and we feel better when we try use the heck out of our little hearts to live a pure and right Christian life but the good news is He will love you even when you fail. 
In fact he expects you to fail.
 Some days it can be exhausting to try to fulfill His every want and expectation to live perfectly.
 The good news is He knows we are not perfect.
 All He expects us to do is give our best effort and to try to make the right decisions.
 I’ve learned sometimes it’s more about the path you take when you don’t succeed rather than the path you do
Every failure brings us closer to Him because when we feel inadequate we bring those feelings to Him.
 When we feel like we are at the end of our rope and we don’t have anymore steam we go to Him.
 When we are consumed with fear or don’t know what decision to make we go to Him.
 And He is always there for us. 
He’s like the 24 hour mini mart down the street that always serves coffee.
 His light is always on, he’s always got a warm cup of coffee and his arms are always open and ready to catch us!
 Isn’t it great having a savior?

P.S. We had our first snow here in Jersey and the boys are super excited!!


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