Salt & Light

What could these two possibly have to do with one another you ask
What do salt & light have in common?
The common denominator is…
Jesus tells us to be the salt and the light.
Salt can be cleansing, and leaves you thirsty for more-just like Jesus.
Light is hopeful, promising, and radiates- like Him.
Think about it…
I can remember being a young girl in the summer on the beach with a freshly skinned knee and nothing stung more than going into the salt water.
But in just a few short days and before you knew it-that scrape was all healed up and clean-thanks to 
the salt water
Perhaps we had apprehensions of stepping in to the ocean water because we knew it was going to sting our cut…
 just as we may have apprehensions about bringing ourselves to Jesus if we have not been following in His footsteps, 
or if it has been a long time since we have been close to him.
It was painful stepping into the saltwater 
but it was a process 
and in the end….
our cut was cleansed and healed.
Jesus is our salt water.
He cleanses us and heals us-no matter how long it’s been or how far we have strayed.
It might not be an easy process (emotionally or physically) but we get through it and in the end are even closer to Him.
He wants us to be his disciples and make others thirsty for Him too. 
He wants us to leave others quenching for more of Him!
He wants to use us to make others eager about Him.
To intrigue them…make them passionate.  
To make others want to get to know more about Him, praise him, and delight in him!
Which leads to my second part: light.
Jesus wants us to be the shining lights in the dark where there is no other light.
He wants us to go into the deepest, darkest, wettest, moldiest places,
the coldest darkest caverns, (okay not literally!)
but you get my point!
He wants us to radiate our light from Him onto others.
To show them that there is a an everlasting life.
That there is more to a days work than bringing home the bacon.
That we have opportunity after opportunity in front of us to share Him, to spread Him among our peers.
There are countless opportunities to bring light to those around us and we should 
take in every opportunity.


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