Bitter Vs. Thankful

Remember this post?
 The one where my husband’s car unexpectedly ended up in the shop? 
 I was disappointed in His timing but like always…
 things worked out. 
 Well Monday I got in my car after work one night and my check engine light came on…
me throwing my hands in the air while calling my husband on my drive home to tell him the news.
We were able to get it into the shop just this morning and found out what the problem is  NOT covered under the extended warranty that came with the car we bought there back in April!
Now {insert Grinch-iness}  
Talk about bad timing for so many reasons!
The week of Christmas.
We’re hosting Christmas Eve at our casa.
We  just upgraded my cell phone.
We still have gifts to purchase for extended family.
Our normal food shopping, target house supply shopping, diapers, wipes, etc.
I mean I could go on and on about why now is not a good time for this to happen to us.
Instead though I  took a step back
after talking to my hubby of course!
 and realized that we do have the money to fix the car 
and I really do need to be thankful for that.  
We do have the resources to pay for this- it really could.have.been worse timing.  
So instead of letting all of those bitter feelings course through my body and take over 
I am instead letting go  
knowing that it is better and right to be thankful that we had the funds to fix the problem. 
So friend, next time you are faced with a situation where you can either be
bitter or thankful
remember to choose the latter of the two because
it can always be worse!
Lesson learned 🙂

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