~Seek His will in all you do, and He will show you which path to take.~
Proverbs 3:6
At some point in our lives we come to a crossroads.  
A time where we have to choose which path we are going to take.
I feel like I have been at this point quite a few times in recent years-perhaps you have too.
Are you going to take the road on the left or the road on the right?  
The scariest part is 
that we do not always know what speed bumps or curves lie ahead of us on these paths.
Are we going to have enough strength and courage to take the harder road…will it break us down more than it strengthens us?
Will we make it through the rough patches, the rainy weather, the potholes, the detours?  
So… how do we decide?  
How do we put all of our fears and hesitation aside and take that leap?
Faith & Prayer.  
There’s nothing more comforting than bringing my decision to Him because I know he will always lead me in the right direction.  
That direction may not be the easiest, it may not be what I want to go through right now, but it is where He says I need to be.  
In the end because of this decision I will have become stronger because 
God will have led me on the path I have traveled.
We don’t always know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel, 
but we have Faith that it is there.    
Via Pinterest

Via Pinterest

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