Truth is…

The truth is…

I don’t have as much confidence in myself as I once used to- I miss the feeling of invincibility

                        I miss being able to go anywhere at anytime-you know just my keys, my car, and the radio but I wouldn’t trade Thomas, late night Dominoes dinner dates, and sleepless nights for anything in the world!

Most days I don’t feel as though I have accomplished all that I want to at this point in my life but I know one day I will.

            I complain a lot-but I’m becoming more conscience of it
                                              I love driving a mini-van

I have a severe sweet tooth and would rather eat desserts than a real dinner any night

              I am not an animal person and our kids want a dog more than anything right now

                               My kids have taught me more patience than I ever knew was possible

I have a hard time asking for help

I live on coffee-usually about 6 cups a day to be exact

                                 I’ve realized the hard way that friendships are an incredibly important part of our lives.

My husband is my biggest supporter and I ask his advice on every decision I make.

                                                           I get overwhelmed very easily

I’m better at giving advice than taking it

                                       I’m not always grateful for the good and the bad-but I’m working on it

Sometimes I just want an hour to myself-no noise, only silence and my.own.thoughts…by the beach

I could not have married into a more loving, caring, and open family

         Some days I just want to throw my hands in the air and give up-then I remember to seek Him for help and that one day I will look back on this and laugh.

I miss hand written notes and actual phone conversations
                             I think everybody deserves to have a voice and every opinion counts

When everything seems to be going well I wonder what is lurking around the corner…



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