~Proverbs 15:18
A hot-tempered man stirs up dissension, but a patient man calms a quarrel. 
We have 3 boys age 5 and under…and at one point 3 age 4 and under! 
I understand it was our choice to have kids so close together; however I never knew how much children could truly test your patience. 
It’s incredible. Almost impossible to measure.  
There are many days when my throat hurts from yelling so, my head hurts at the sound of my own voice, and if I have to count to 3 one more time for someone using the coffee table as a trampoline or seeing if they can jump from the top of the couch to the rug with a perfect landing I might just explode!  
But I’m learning every day to…
stop and breathe.
This is something I am working on every day and it is NOT easy, by any means. 
But to know that I am working on it with Him by my side to go to whenever I need guidance and help is amazing!  
This is just another one of those times when I have to learn to rely on Him while working through my shortcomings.  
A time when I am able to bring my troubles and worries to God I know that he is there to comfort and get me through my struggles.  
A time to be grateful that he is there for me-
Ironically these 3 little miracles that make me want to pull my hair out most days and don’t listen have taught me to have more patience than I ever knew possible. 
I think I’ve actually learned to have more patience with each child we’ve added to our family.
I’ve learned that these days taking a few.deep.breaths 
goes a long way.
I hope this post finds you well my friends!  Feel free to share your latest struggle below…whether you are a mom or not 🙂 

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