Fall is almost over….almost!  
This season is quickly becoming my favorite…so there is no rushing fall to be over. 
Who doesn’t love colorful leaves, crisp air, pumpkins, Halloween, pumpkin spice coffee, hot chocolate, cowls, uggs, and sweatshirts? 
I certainly do!  
When I was a little girl one of my favorite memories was playing with my cousin in the piles of leaves my uncle used to rake up, by hand….fast forward to today and you’ll find him with a gas powered leaf blower ha!   
That’s right the entire front and back yard-we’re talking HUGE piles of leaves!  
This past weekend I was able to watch our two older boys Angel and Ayden enjoy in the same activity I used to when I was little at the very same house!  
Oh how special 🙂   
What’s your favorite fall memory?
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