Let there be cake…and lots of it!

For nearly the past week we have celebrated Aaron’s first birthday!  
Needless to say there has been a ton of cake!  
So far we have had 2 cakes and still have celebration #3 this week at my in-laws house while also celebrating Thanksgiving.  Here are some pics from our birthday celebrations thus far!


In a way its kind of sad because this could really be the last of our “infant” days.  
I asked my husband the other night “is this our last first birthday we’ll be celebrating?”  
It’s kind of heartbreaking to know that there may be no more bottles, no more formula, no more onesie’s, no more Johnson & Johnson sweet baby smell.  
We always wanted to be young parents and for quite a while had 3 children-3 boys- and our oldest was 4 1/2. 
Now I’m not saying that we’re closing up this baby factory for good or for EVER because we’re still young but we are taking a much needed break!  For our sake and for our sanity!  
Maybe one day in a few years (ahem-QUITE a few) we will get the baby fever but for right now we’re enjoying our family just the way it is! 

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