Every once in a while I’ll write a post about something God has laid on my heart.  Yesterday was one of those days…
Our timing is not always His timing.  Two days ago I saw down as I felt we were in a good place to make a to-do  list (usually this thing is a forsure jinx).  My to-do list was filled with typical activities:
pay car insurance
buy boys winter jackets
make brownies for LNO at our church
start christmas list 
sweep kitchen floor
fill our Operation Christmas Child Shoe Box for church this weekend
pick up diapers
clean the downstairs bathroom
Well we woke up the next morning and He had a different plan.  
My husband’s car wouldn’t start.  One phone call to AAA, a battery check later and our car was on the back of a tow truck on its way to the dealership =(
My first thought and feeling was: frustration.  
I was frustrated at the fact when were were finally financially in a good place-for the time being, something like this happens?  
Why can’t we ever just catch a break, take a breather, let somebody else deal with this?  
My second thought? 
This is God’s way of telling me we can plan and save ale we want, but ultimately it is what He sees fit for us that will happen.  
This is just another sign and time that we truly need to trust in Him and lean on Him always
Yes we’re going to have crazy days, sometimes even weeks. 
Maybe the baby is cutting teeth, or wants to switch his bed time routine, or wake up and play  from 3-4am the night before a BIG day.  
Something will always happen.  Usually when  you least expect it.
We may have one plan for our lives, but God has another.
And his plan will always make us stronger. 
As hard as it was to let go of the frustration the moment I told myself to hand it all over to Him-the frustration, anger, fear, trust, and hope-I did not feel alone. 
I felt as though someone was right along side me holding my hand, and it was a great feeling! 
“Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your paths straight.” ~Proverbs 3:5-6

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