A mother’s worry

I never knew how cRaZy moms could drive themselves.
With so many responsibilities on us-every day…it can be kind of overwhelming.
Let me backtrack by saying this: Aaron is refusing to eat baby food (he’s just about 11 months) and has decided he is just done with baby food. The only thing that interest’s him is table food.
Now, Aaron is our third and you would probably figure since he’s our third that our way of life with him is pretty lax and for the most part it is; however when it comes to anything and I mean anything he ingests you would think I was a first time mom who has no experience whatsoever with babies lol! Since Aaron was born we have had one problem after another: colic, reflux, and a battle between diarrhea and constipation almost weekly not to mention the fact that he is our first and only child to have an allergic reaction to medicine 😦

Needless to say I have had so much anxiety this past week with giving him so much table food…every time his cheeks looks like they have the slightest hint of red I have to stop my mind from immediately panicking and thinking he’s allergic to what he’s just eaten.

A mother’s worry never ends 🙂


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