Inside of me

This week was a rough week at work.
Do you ever feel like a puzzle piece that is trying to fit into a space that looks like you could fit but not matter how hard you try or how hard you push yourself you just don’t fit?
That is how I have felt all week and it only worsened each day…okay if I’m telling you the truth that is how I have felt for the past {8} months..
I thought that it would have gotten easier at this point-but it hasn’t.

Each day I try to remind myself that I’m here for a more important purpose. I’m here to do God’s work. I’m here to please Him…not my co-workers. I constantly tell myself to stand my ground to not gossip, to not feel belittled, not give into them, not let them get to me, to remember that He will be the one to judge me at the end of the day-not them. Honestly though-it is so hard!

This has made me realize that for too long now I have cared what others think about me.
I have felt inadequate because of the way I think others perceive me.
This is something I struggle with every day with nearly every person I come into contact with.
I have been praying so hard lately for the strength to look past what I think others see in me and try to focus on what I know is there.
I’ve prayed for the strength to know I am worth more than I give myself credit. It’s a battle and I’m fighting this battle everyday.

This is a new motto I need to adopt:


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