Toddler bed blankets

After making Aaron’s car seat cover last night and feeling so accomplished I decided to sit down this afternoon ~while our oldest was in preschool~ and make Angel and Ayden’s new blankets for their toddler beds. When Angel originally got his toddler bed (nearly 2 years ago) we bought him a sheet set that had a cars and fire truck pattern. Needless to say 2 years later the comforter is dunzo… there is absolutely no life left in it, and he’s not into cars or trucks anymore! So at my last trip to Joann’s I picked up fleece material to make my oldest two boys new comforters. Angel was with me and he picked out his own Spiderman material and I picked out Ayden’s Cars pattern because he is still OBSESSED with cars! I paired each fabric with solid fleece to match on the reverse side! I think they turned out great and were super duper easy to make 🙂 Enjoy!



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