Car Seat Cover

I just couldn’t wait to post the latest project I worked on and finished tonight! So what does one do when they A. have a baby in the winter and B. have become a germophobe and can’t stand strangers reaching in and touching their newborn baby (without permission)? Why they make a car seat cover of course! Thanks to Vanilla Joy and her wonderful and super easy tutorial found here on how to make a car seat cover! I ordered the fabric from the Fabric Shoppe on Etsy! This is easily becoming my favorite place to order fabric, she’s got the BEST around πŸ™‚ These days to not have to leave the house with 3 kids for fabric is a dream come true! I think the cover is absolutely adorable (if I may say so myself!) and I am soooo glad to finally have something to keep all those strangers at bay! Enjoy the pics πŸ™‚



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