The longest week probably ever.

This past week, oh who am i kidding this past month has been exhausting-hence I have not been posting very much! Last month Ayden had his very first ear infection which I’m happy to say that they stayed away for his first 16 months…but on the other hand last friday he came down with ANOTHER ear infection on top of a stomach bug 😦 My husband on Monday wasn’t feeling well either and it turned out he had the stomach bug and was the one who gave it to our 17 month old (who said sharing was always a good thing?! lol) Naturally I was next to come down with the stomach bug over this weekend, and felt horrible. As for right now we’re all on the upside of kicking these germs out of our house, and Ayden is finishing up his antibiotic for his ear infection. The only critter in our house that hasn’t been sick through all of this is our 3 year old, and hopefully it stays that way! Until next time…


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