Better late than never

Happy New Year!! Another year has come and gone in what feels like the blink of an eye! Our family has been through a lot this year both good and bad, and I feel like we have really grown because of it.
Here are some of the major events that happened to us in 2009:
1. Our WEDDING!!!
2. Our Honeymoon!
3. Buying a new car (our first major investment).
4. The loss of my grandfather and Angel’s cousin.
5. Angel starting preschool
6. Ayden’s first words and steps
7. Ayden’s first snow storm

8. Watching Angel and Ayden interact with eachother
Here are some of the events we are looking forward to in 2010:
1. My returning to school
2. Potty training Ayden (hopefully this summer)
3. Taking both the kids to the beach this summer and having them play together
4. Me being more organized-and really organzed, just not an ORGANIZED MESS that I always am.
5. Angel going to Pre-K
6. Celebrating our 1 year wedding anniversary!
7. Gathering with friends and family as often as possible

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