If you can’t be them, join them!

So this is my first official day as a “blogger.” I’m not quite sure who is going to be reading this or keeping up with the progress of my blog, but here it goes. This blog is going to be focused around our wedding that we are planning for August 2009 and our already growing family. I guess I should explain a few things to begin this fascinating journey. A little over 4 years ago I met my amazing fiance Angel, while working at American Eagle. We started hanging out, going to parties together, and decided to move in together all within a very short period of time. Shortly after our 1 year anniversary we found out we were expecting. We couldn’t have been more thrilled. On May 2, 2006 our son Angel III was born. When Angel was about 19 months old we found out we were expecting our second baby, and on August 13, 2008 we had our second son Ayden. So our life is already filled with chaos and energy pretty much right out of the starting gate. Add to that our full time work schedules, full time student schedules, and you’ve already got a great recipe for a crazy life! Neither of us would have it any other way, and at this point we’ve got two beautiful, healthy children to be thankful for. So this blog is going to be my semi-daily notes on trying to plan one of the best weddings any of our guest’s have ever attended, while still keeping things organized on the home front. Enjoy!


Our two beautiful children!


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