Meal planning

This weekend marked the beginning of meal planning for our family- or should I say me?? Because let’s face it- those who plan the meals do all of the work! There was a lot of pre- work that went into it- A LOT! But I’m hoping the insanity before keeps me sane during our crazy busy week! And this momma got all kinds of cray cray and called a sitter to stay with the kids while I went shopping!! Say whaaaaat?! Do you know just how glorious it is to go grocery shopping with absolutely no children?! Oh it is GLORIOUS indeed! I was able to hit 4 stores, get a coffee, and get my eye brows waxed all in 2 hours! AMEN! I’m still feeling my way around the whole meal planning, coupon using, store hopping thing so I think I may have over shopped a teensy bit this week- but I’m hoping that means lots of leftovers and spare food to take us into next week. I will let you know how it all goes. This week we are looking at a lot of beef and a little chicken. Hoping to switch that around next week. Also trying a few new recipes too- so fingers crossed I don’t burn too much and my kids actually eat what I cook!
Our weekend ended with an impromptu zombie invasion and family dinner which was perfectly ended by everyone doing the electric slide! We are one fun family ( most of the time!)

How was your weekend??