Reflections in 2016

​In 2016 I started the journey of self discovery and healing. 31 years of healing, so this journey is just beginning. I also started the journey of finding myself.  After months and months of chizzeling lots fell off. Feelings of lightness. Brightness. Life and air breathed into me.  I completed my 200 hour Baptiste yoga teacher training. Wow, was that eye opening! I started acknowledging myself and my health and everything I have been through since my stroke.  While my body isn’t broken to the extreme that I was 4 years ago there are still many, many cracks. Some that open daily.  I’m figuring out how to live a healthy life 4 years later. 2016 gave me courage. So much courage.  Courage to leave the only secure job I ever knew, yet a job that was literally sucking the life out of me.  I gained courage in 2016. I gained self worth. So much self worth. I found my voice. My presence. My body. My mind. My heart. I found for the first time ever a group of friends who know me, every single thing about me, who continue to lift me up, and who love me. And I love them. I learned in 2016 there’s no time for fakeness, for masks, for pretending. I learned that I value deep connection, authenticity, and support above all else. I learned that my husband and I,  through every up and down, are the best damn teammates I’ve ever seen together. And in 2017 I know what I want.  I want to be awake. Fully awake..deeply present. I want to have life giving conversations. I want to experince life changing moments. I want to be there. For it all. 2017 I’m coming for ya!


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