Our weekend

Weekends are pretty much the same around here these days. Long, long, long! Especially when hubby is working 14 hour shifts. Saturday was a complete washout so we were stuck inside for the.entire.day It was seriously a painful day! Sunday was beautiful- the perfect fall day in my opinion. I had a full day planned including a welcome breakfast at our church, errands with the boys, and a church picnic in the afternoon. These are the activities that make my heart pitter patter these days. Unfortunately the good Lord had different plans for me 😦 just as hubby was about to leave for work he noticed the tire on my car was worn down to the threads! I knew we needed tires, but didn’t realize just how badly we needed them! All of this meant whatever outdoor activities we did today would need to be within walking distance. So we headed to the park. TWICE. Yeah that’s right! We went to the park twice today because it was that needed.

Also this weekend I read Nicholas Sparks’s new book cover to cover this weekend The best of me and all I can say is amazing! He’s always been one of my favorites, and this latest one does not disappoint- tears and all!

So that about sums up our weekend. How was yours?









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