Embracing my inner Fashionista!

The past few weeks I feel like have been a whirlwind.

Back to school, a new sitter, preschool for our youngest, a new work schedule for my husband, just to name a few!

I’m just a momma who is trying to raise up her boys to become men, all while riding on His good graces.

The past few weeks I have somehow found my inner fashionista-who I didn’t even know existed-and have been letting her do her thang!

I honestly don’t know where she came from, or what memo she got, but I’m impressed with myself, and the kicker is that the majority of my outfits have been thrifted!

Thrifting is something new for me.

There is an entire world out there of thrifters…

people buying, selling, trading, THRIFTING…

and I love it!

I have embraced my inner thrifter.

It’s easy really.

Once you know what brands, sizes, and cuts fit you best you can easily buy name brand, designer clothing, for literally pennies on the dollar!

Yup-you heard me right-PENNIES on the dollar compared to what they cost at retail price.

Who wants save money AND look good??

Me! Me! Me!

Here are a few of my latest outfits, enjoy!







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