I am a Peacekeeper

I was recently asked to be a part of a group for a new company called I am a Peacekeeper.
You can visit their site here
Peacekeeper Cause-metic is a woman owned cosmetic line.
The company produces lipsticks, lip glosses, lip balms and nail polish.
After all is said and done ALL proceeds go to charities that empower women right here in the US and across the world!
How amazing is that?!
Fun cause-metics for us and empowering other women?
Sounds like a great combination to me!
I received 3 different lip balms, 1 lipgloss, and 1 lipstick.
The lipbalms were all FABULOUS in my opinion….and I am a lipbalm JUNKIE!
They get my stamp of approval-my favorite was the 
“Perfect as is balm”
which smells GREAT and gives your lips a tiny shimmer of pink!
Find it here.
Lets talk about the lip gloss I was given…first off its called Yum-Balm and its pretty amazing!
For me, I am not a fan of gunky, goopy, lip gloss at all and I thought this was a great combination of coverage, and gloss plus it lasted a good while on my lips-even at the office!
Find it here. 
Last I leave you with this tip:
All of the causemetics made by Peacekeeper are certified organic!
The lip balms are 93%organic, and the lip gloss is 95% organic!
It’s always nice to know what we are putting in our bodys, and on our skin.
So for me that was a HUGE bonus!
So head over to Peacekeeper and enjoy using coupon code: KISSMOM at checkout for a great discount!
Leave a comment below to be entered to win your very own set of Peacekeeper Lip Balms!
A winner will be chosen at the end of the week via random.org

*****Disclaimer: I was compensated with products by the Company to try out various products from their merchandise. All opinions stated in this post as always, are my own.


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