College Textbooks

Remember at the beginning of every Spring/Fall semester wandering around the campus bookstore trying to find what seemed like a never ending list of textbooks for your classes?
Well thanks to the brilliant creators over at  Campus Book Rentals you can not only skip the giant campus book store line, but you can shop from the convenience of your dorm room, or apartment in your nice comfy jammies as well!
Campus Book Rentals is a one of a kind website that allows you to “rent” your textbooks (with the option of keeping them or selling them back at the end of the semester) for 40-90% off bookstore prices!  That’s something to make EVERYONE happy for sure 🙂
Plus there’s always free shipping and return shipping labels are included as well.
You are even allowed to highlight in the textbooks to help with note taking.
Additionally, because Campus Book Rentals understand just how crazy a college student’s life can be (especially with finals, and a social life) there’s always a 15 day grace period when returning your rented text books.
Let’s face it…college kids run on a different time zone all together so this is a great idea!
If you’re interested in checking out their website head over here and sign up!
Or check out the video below.
As if that wasn’t already enough amazing information about this company they also donate a portion of each text book rented to Operation Smile, so really when you think about it it is a win-win situation for everyone.
Happy Renting!
Disclosure:  This post is sponsored, however all opinions are my own.

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