Birthday Fun!!

This past Saturday was my birthday, the big 2-8 eeeek!!
What I was most looking forward to was just some one on one time with my guy…
what I got far exceeded any expectations I could have ever had 🙂
The day started off with my husband taking the boys to my family’s house for a sleepover which meant we were sans kids for a full 24 hours!
That has not happened in about 4 years, so needless to say I was filled with joy with that alone-and seriously thought that was my present.
But remember I told you this night far exceed my expectations??
Well here it comes:
Once hubby and I had finished picking out new shirts for my birthday night out and were settled into our quaint and cozy B&B hubby had booked for the night there was a knock at the door.
I gave him a weird look- you know the one you make where eye brow goes up while the other stays in place and your mouth puckers to the side?!  
Yea that one…and of course he just smirked…
It was our limo driver 🙂 🙂 🙂
We were headed out for a night on the town in AC!
P.S. I have never been in a limo before….NEVER!!
So here we were kid-less, in a limo on our way to Atlantic City, seriously?? 
Was this even my life?!
Inside of the limo was an ice bucket with champagne,two glasses for us to celebrate, and even balloons!
Our night out on the town included a show at the Comedy Stop which was HIL-A-RIOUS!!
I laughed so hard I may have even pee’d a little 😉
Not really, but seriously it was HY-STER-I-CAL!
I did have tears in my eyes because it was just that funny.
For me the way to my heart is through laughter so it was the perfect combination.
The show was followed by more drinks and dinner which were delicious and fabulous and the night was just perfect!
Here I thought my gift was an evening without our kids and low and behold I got waaaay more than I ever could have expected! 
It’s just so nice to be celebrated.  
It’s nice to take a time out from everything else that is going on and have the spotlight be on you for just a little.  
I feel like as mom we are sometimes under appreciated and definitely over-looked!
It’s nice to have one on one time with my husband!
It’s nice to get all glammed up and hit the town!
To feel special, and have everyone say “Happy Birthday!” to you!
This was certainly a birthday to remember!

One thought on “Birthday Fun!!

  1. How amazing!!!! I am so so so happy for you as you deserve more than anyone I know:) seriously, this just made my night!! I love it when deserving people get something wonderful!!! Xooxox Hanna


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