It probably doesn’t come to any surprise to you that I have been feeling a little bit down lately. I had been crying the woe is me game for a few weeks. In fact the other day I say down during my lunch break to type a post that I was so excited to reveal only to find out later that night I had not saved. Bummer! So I’m sitting down with you today to let you know that it’s about time I pull myself out of the gutter I have been lying in. I’m tired of feeling down, exhausted, and in the dumps. Today right here with all of you I am standing up and putting on my big girl pants! No more squabbling, no more judging to put myself above others. I don’t want any more anxiety, stress, or friction in my life. I’m finished with all of that. Today I am turning over a new rock and reminding myself that my life is what it is because of God. Today I am handing everything back to Him. All of the pity, the fear, the anxiety, the unknowns, the stress, every single thing is going back to Him and I am saying do with it what you will. Your will be done, not mine. Today is a new day.


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