An Attitude of Gratitude

I feel as though I have gotten into a rut lately.
Have you ever felt that way?
I felt lately I have not been thankful for much.
I’m constantly focused on the bad in every situation rather than looking for the silver lining.
I feel like the more I dig myself into this deep dark place, the harder it is for me to climb out of it.
Sure it is so much easier to dwell on the negative in our lives.
I have to CHOOSE to see the good in every situation.
I have to CHOOSE to see the light.
I have to CHOOSE to be positive and have an attitude of gratitude.
Rather than focusing on the negative I need to remember there are many many postives in my life right now.
I have an amazing little family, a roof over our heads, a job with a steady income, and my priorities in order.
Every day I wake up I try my darn hardest to stay upbeat and attentive, but some days this task is easier said than done.
I’m going to start being intentional about having an attitude of gratitude each and
I’m determined to be proactive because honestly I do not want to become one of those bitter old ladies you over hear yelling at someone at the post office because the line was too long for her liking.
I need to remember to practice my patience, just like I tell my kids.
I need to remember that everything is in His time, not mine.
I need to remember His plan is much grander and better than anything I could possibly every imagine and that waiting will be worth every.single.second.
I need to remember that nothing is every a waste of time, but rather a lesson learned that I can apply at another time. 
I’m making a promise here and now in front of all of you to be more intentional of having an attitude of gratitude, hopefully then everything will fall into place.

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