Looking back at 2012

As I sit back and reflect on 2012 one word comes to mind.
We had so many ups and down in 2012 I don’t even know where to start…
There were lost friendships, new friendships, friendships that blossomed more than I could have ever imagined.
We said goodbye to our old preschool and hello to a new one.
We now have a 6, 4, and 2 year old.
I had a very very traumatic health scare with my stroke in July.
A new car.
New members added to our families.
Growing this little space of mine in the blogging community and meeting some truly amazing women along the way.
We went through struggles, high times, low times and every in between times.
I learned to accept and allow help in times when we need it-rather than to let my pride get the best of me.
I learned that time with my children is more important than having a clean house.
I learned to not take anything, anyone, or any opportunity for granted because tomorrow is never promised.
I learned the true meaning of giving, even when you don’t feel like you have much to give.
I learned more forgiveness that I ever thought possible.
And this year I really truly learned to stand strong and steadfast in my faith.
I look back to this time last year and I was a completely different person than I am today.
I have grown so much spiritually that now my whole day focuses around the Lord.
Most mornings the first things I do rather than get caught up in social media is read my devotional.
The lessons we teach our children are based on His words, and His ways.
We learned to lean on Him in times when we didn’t know what to do.
We have become incredibly close to and cherish our church family more than we ever have.
2012 was certainly a year filled with more downs than ups….but oh how those ups were so very sweet after triumphing over those lows!
Goodbye 2012…hello 2013


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