Our crazy, emotion filled week!

Well hello there, friends!
I have done some major slacking in the land of blogging recently.
Life has gotten away from me.
While our family was thankfully not directly impacted from Hurricane Sandy we live about 10 minutes from about 10 different places that were majorly impacted.
The places Mr. Three and I went to as kids for the beaches and boardwalks are no longer there.
I have been devastated for strangers losing everything they know.
We also have friends that just found out their house is condemned…they were just married a year and a half ago and have a 6 month old daughter.
It’s so heartbreaking.
We had family staying with us until this past Sunday that were affected by the Hurricane as well.
And while I always love being surrounded by family it was just a lot of work .
Especially post stroke.
It pretty much left me completely drained… physically, mentally, and emotionally.
Our kids were out of school Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday last week but were back for the later part of the week which involved two Halloween parties and two parades!
I was determined to have some routine around here so I tried to stick with as much of our pre-planned activities as possible even with family in town.
I successfully accomplished both activities for both kids and made a home cooked dinner that night for everyone at our house.
The Lord gave me his strength and patience that day to say the least!
Sunday came and I thought to myself okay I can get back to some normalcy around here.
We’ll get back into our routine and everything will be okay.
A great church service, a family day, and maybe some down time for good ole’ mom.
Well the plans went entirely different-as they usually always do!
As soon as Mr. Three woke up he was sick.
As in his asthma was acting up and needed nebulizer treatments around the clock sick 😦
There went my mommy down time.
And it pretty much went down hill from there.
Kids who had been off from school for close to a week+ being stuck in the house because of Sandy + entertaining family for over a week+ daylight savings time=not fun!
Can we just talk about daylight savings time for a minute?
I heard the farmers came up with it like back in the day?
Well I have news for you I do not farm, nor do I ever plan to farm, and I do not like it when my children wake up at 5 am ready for the day and are complete blubbering messes (along with me) at 5 pm!
Boo daylight savings!
Finally, last night was Trick or Treat as it had been rescheduled because of Sandy.
I was determined to be super mom and get all three kids dressed up and out there with our friends.
We had a Harry Potter, a police officer, and a Batman.
All which cost me $13 🙂
Yay for consignment shops and thrifty momma’s!
And for the first time in 2 years I was able to convince our kids to go trick or treating.
You see we have a big ole’ scaredy cat in our family {ahem kid #1}.
But I was able to bribe him with the thought of all his favorite candies.
Great mom- I know!
We tagged along with friends of ours and we were about a group of 6 or 8.
It was fun times for all-even though I may have had my first ever anxiety attack or panic attack?  
Is there a difference? I’m not even sure…I just know my body doesn’t handle situations as it once did and it’s very very frustrating!
Phew! Whatever those things are called they are scary.  
I can honestly say I have never felt that way before in my entire.life and hope I never do again.
That’s just one of the side effects I have been experiencing since my stroke-and I don’t like it-but that’s for another day!
Luckily Mr. Three was able to leave work early and rescue me from said situation which made me feel a whole lot better.
Then today we had all three kids home because their schools are used for voting purposes.
Hubby and I were determined to brave the voting lines.
It took about 2 hours as we had to do a tag off.
Hubby had to wait in the car while I went in first, then we had to switch off.
It actually wasn’t terrible as I thought it may have been.
I found a playground to entertain the kids while hubby was inside voting.
I was able to entertain them until none of us could feel our hands or ears!
Well folks I think that about wraps it up!
In one word the past few days can be put into one word: exhausting!
So exhausting in fact that I took a 2 hour nap today-completely uninterrupted.
But I can tell you that as always He knows our needs and puts us into situations that He wants us to be in.
Boy did that ring true this week in more ways than one for me!
I am so thankful for His grace, and love this past week.
It was certainly a growing week for me and I couldn’t be happier looking back it.
What have you been up to the past couple of days?
Were you, or family, or friends directly impacted by Sandy?

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