Sandy is her name.
And from what we hear she is not nice!
If you don’t already know we live at the “Jersey Shore” somewhat close to Atlantic City to give you a better idea.
Since Friday our family has been preparing for what they are calling Frankenstorm…
aka Hurricane Sandy.
A 900 mile wide Hurricane that will eventually meet up with a cold front coming down from Canada.
Some are saying this has the ingredients for a perfect storm.
We’ve stocked up on bottled water, PB&J, bread, milk, ice, and non-perishable snacks for the kids to keep them entertained.
We are being told to prepare to lose our electricity for 7-10 days.
On Friday our kids school was already sending out the automated calls that they are closed Monday and Tuesday this week.
Mr. Three works in one of the Casino’s in AC and they have been mandatory evacuated and will be closed today, as well as Monday and Tuesday.
All of the barrier islands surrounding us have also been evacuated and they have stopped toll collection on both the GSP and AC Expressway.
For now we plan to ride out this storm at home and have stocked up on the essentials to get us through the next few days.
This morning we enjoyed worship with our church family, had a quick lunch, and then came home and put away all of our outside furniture and tied down what was too big to put away.
So if you don’t see me in the world of twitter//facebook//blogger you know why!
Pray for a quick, pain free, and non-messy storm here in Jersey for us, thanks guys!sdf

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