I’d rather…

I’d rather swim in the ocean than sunbathe on the sand.
I’d rather be happy than diet.
I’d rather join in than be a spectator.
I’d rather feel vulnerable than risk not being hurt.
I’d rather have coffee than tea.
I’d rather live out His ways than just study them.
I’d rather be silly with my kids than worry about looking silly.
I’d rather have 4 seasons than one all year round.
I’d rather fail trying than not try at all.
I’d rather know I gave something my all then just let it fizzle away.
I’d rather have dessert than a real meal any day of the week.
I’d rather wear sandals than any other footwear.
I’d rather wear sweatpants than jeans any day.
I’d rather have three beautiful, healthy kids than wear a bikini the rest of my life!
I’d rather try something new than settle.
I’d rather have a loud, noisy, messy house than a strict, unhappy house.
I’d rather ask then never know.
I’d rather read a book than watch t.v.


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