A Few Words on Recharging

Last night Mr. Three and I formally celebrated our 8 year anniversary-
and it was wonderful!
Dinner and a movie.
So us.
It’s refreshing to spend time just me and him these days.
As a wife and mom how quickly I forget that we need that time to recharge.
To recharge us.
To recharge our feelings, thoughts, spirits, and hearts with each other.
To be able to finish a simple thought, or even a sentence without being interrupted!
To let the other person know how much they mean to us, that there’s no place we’d rather be than exactly where we are.
That we thank God everyday for that person being in our lives.
And you know what?
Today I woke up feeling rejuvanted!
I wasn’t snipping at the kids or anyone the moment my feet hit the floor.
I appreciated everyone and everything a little more.
Finding joy in everything seemed a little easier today.
How was your weekend?


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