I stand up for my Grandmother

Today’s post is going to be a little heavy on the heart.
Okay, maybe I lied.
It’s going to be a lot heavy on the heart…
especially mine.
Inspired by Brie over at Sophistifunk today I am sharing my story about standing up to cancer.
This is the story of my grandmother.
Like any other grandmom she had the sweetest, most gentle, kind soul.
She never asked for anything, needed anything, or wanted anything.
She was always doing for others, rather than herself.
She never raised her voice, always had cookies and Tastycakes at her house, and was always there for us. 
In fact she played a huge part in raising me, and walked me down the aisle at our wedding.
A year and a half after losing my grandfather we found out my grandmother had a tumor in her brain and more in her lungs.
This was in June.
She went through all of the radiation treatments her doctors instructed, and of course being the proud woman she has always been known to be, decided to cut her hair extremely short for when it began falling out…
which eventually it did.
As summer became fall and fall turned to winter the doctors realized the radiation wasn’t doing much for her.
She was already in frail health and the cold of the winter wasn’t helping.
She was sent home and started receiving in-home care from physical therapy and occupational therapy to keep her mind and body as sharp as possible.
Shortly after she started hospice care.
Hospice is a nice word for “keeping someone as comfortable as possible until their homecoming.”
Grandmom’s homecoming was on February 15, 2010.
Cancer took away one of the most solid, influential people in my life.
Am I mad?
Darn right I am!
Am I sad?
Beyond words.
Do I miss her and wish she was never taken from us?

So as I sit here with tears welled up in my eyes because I know my children won’t be able to experience my grandmother like I did I pray that no one ever has to go through what she had to.
I pray that one day there is a cure for all cancer.
I pray that you too will stand up to Cancer.

2 thoughts on “I stand up for my Grandmother

  1. also – this post made me tear up… i lost my granny to cancer when i was 14… and still to this day think about what she would say sometimes when i'm doing things… what she would say of my life, if she would be proud… and more than anything wish i could sit down and have a heart to heart with her about LIFE. she lived one of the most Godly, beautiful lives i have ever witnessed, and i would NOT be the person i am without her being just a few streets away, and also being a teacher at my elementary school. she was a fabulous lady. i feel ya, lady! cancer sucks! 😦 but i'm so happy, like you said, that my granny is at home with the Lord and that she is not suffering anymore!


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