Are you a scheduler?  
I am.
Do you like routine?
I do.
I wasn’t so much sans kids, I was more of a fly by the seat of my pants kinda gal.
However with 3 kids there is just no way around scheduling.
 I love love love schedules….
and routine!
Honestly, I think my kids like it too.
They seem to do best when they know what’s next, or what to expect rather than just waking up and being able to do whatever they want when they want.
Our unscheduled days seem to bring the most chaos, tears, and bring out the worst from every
Don’t get me wrong I can handle spur of the moment events, I’m just not a big fan!
I like routine.
I like to have an yummy & nutritious afternoon snack ready for my kids when they come through the door after school.
I like our bath, book, and bed routine we’ve stuck with since our oldest was 2 🙂
This is just what works for our family.
What works your yours?
P.S. Enjoy this cute little cartoon I found that I think is just HIL-AR-IOUS!

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