What’s your favorite?

Fall or Summer?
Upon the arrival of fall around here I always try to gauge which season truly is my favorite.
It’s just hard because I’m so in love with both seasons!
Years ago my favorite season was summer where I could spend 6 hours laying on the beach, surfing the waves, summer nights spent on the boardwalk, and having ice cream for dinner.
Wearing mini skirts and tank tops was the fashion, wavy salt water hair, and smelling like coconut, ah!
Days that last forever and nights that never end.
Nowadays with 3 kids to pack up and to haul a ton of toys to the beach, on top of worrying about who’s throwing sand on who I enjoy fall a bit more.
The temperatures are cooler and more breezy-which makes for a less sweaty and more patient filled momma!
Jeans, boots, and long sleeve lovelies.
Pumpkin spice coffee and warm apple cider-need I say more?!
Colorful scenery, scarfs, and spice scented candles.
Warm fires, and early bedtimes.
Trips to the pumpkin patch and apple farm.
Firey red, bright yellow, burnt orange and brown leaves twirling to the ground.
Back to school, festivals and Thanksgiving.
Ghosts, goblin’s, and witches.
I’d say I’m more a fan of fall these days then summer!
Bring on fall!
What’s your favorite season?

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