Have you ever had one of those days where everything was off, just a little? 
Your plan for the day and the universe’s plan had two very different blue prints? 
You tried your best to see the positive in every situation that came your way but at times you though it just wasn’t possible? 
Today was one of those days for me.  
I woke up determined to make today productive.  
Our first stop was to meet up with someone who was selling two mirrors {future craft project} VERY cheap!  Check. 
 Next stop (unplanned-but hey I was going with it right)? The bank. Check.  
Next stop? 
Oh wait I forgot to throw out the garbage and we were now lugging around trash in 90 degree weather…
so that’s what that smell was 😦 
Back home we headed to the dumpster.  
Now we were on the road…a quick pit stop at Wawa and we would be good to go.  
Only these days with 3 kids in the car a stop to Wawa is never quick.  
One kid wanted this, one kid wanted that, both kids wanted to go inside-it went downhill fast.  
Throw in my trying to have a conversation with a work friend of mine on the phone while being in the car with 3 small kids and it.was.not. fun! 
Next stop? Pediatrician’s office to pick up Ayden’s shot records for his new preschool…and queue the teaming rain just as I needed to run into the office-as well as for the remainder of our trip to run errands!  
I’m sure you can imagine the slew of events that continue to happen for the rest of the day with 3 very active,  loud, and strong-willed little boys so I’ll spare you the rest of the nitty-gritty.
The point to this story is I chose to have a good day.
I chose to keep the day upbeat and light in the midst of the chaos.
I could have taken one look at the first chain of events and said to our kids, “that’s it.  Let’s pack it in and head home.” 
But I didn’t.
And that shows character.
New character for me at least.
Character that I didn’t have 5 weeks ago.
Character is something we develop.
It’s not something that can be bought at every convenience store, or over -nighted to your front door via Amazon.
Character is something that takes discipline, work, and for me-prayer.
As soon as I had my stroke and realized tomorrow is never promised I made a pact with myself to make the best out of each and every situation.
A pact to develop my character for the better.
Also, as a Christian and a mom I need to show my children and others that it is always right to have good character-even when we don’t feel like it, or even when it’s not easy.
It’s not always easy, but it’s always right.
Sometimes {who am I kidding most of the time} it doesn’t come easily!
So today I know I tried my darn hardest.
I put on a smile and brave face through the loud car ride, the fighting, the thunder and the rain.
When my head hits the pillow tonight yes I will come before Him and pray for forgiveness for raising my voice, not having more patience, and not relying more on him to get me through the tougher times today.  
I will pray for more strength, patience, and character for tomorrow and when{at times} I could have had more good character today.
But the great news?
That doesn’t make me a failure.
I know He sees me progressing.
As long as I keep trying, that is what matters.

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