I’ve got a lot of free time on my hands these days…between the physical therapy, occupational therapy, doctors appointments, kids, baths, getting ready for back to school, etc.  
Well maybe I don’t but I certainly feel like I have more free time on my hands lately because I’m not adding in the 40 hour work week!  
There has been a lot of date nights with Pinterest and oh how I am in LOVE
Like that butterflies in the stomach new puppy love…
I need help, I know!
My interest is quickly becoming an addiction– but don’t tell Mr. Wonderful Life!
Reading through all of these boards, DIY’s and tutorials makes this house-ridden mama feel like I can rule the world with some paint, hot glue, fabric, and my creativity!
I can’t drive yet so if I’m stuck in the house I might as well go Martha Stewart on it 🙂  
My first plan of action is our living room.
With all of the {ahem} free time I mentioned before I’m even hoping to do a before and after as well.  
Our living room doubles as a play room for the kids so that will be the tricky part.
I am going for modern chic look-but still kid friendly and somewhat spill/dart/wrestling proof!
I’m also still in the process of figuring out how to separate the kid part of the room from the adult part of the living room.
Suggestions are most welcome!
Right now we have a forest green color which I was in love with about 3 years ago.  
Fast forward to now and I’m not so in love with it.
It’s time for an over haul…
An update if you will.
In 3 years our taste has changed, my sewing/crafting abilities have changed, and so has our family.
I’m a person who craves the sunlight, trees, and fresh airy spaces.  
I would love to do a grey/teal/yellow color scheme and am thinking of incorporating the following prints, wall decor, colors, etc.  
I’ve already got my mind set on light grey walls, and handmade teal chevron curtains to let the light come through more.  
The rest will fall into place…hopefully!
I can hear the peace, tranquility, and openness calling my name already-or is that one of my kids?!

And the best news of all?
I ran the plan past Mr. Wonderful and then slipped in the “so do you think I’m crazy?” {to see if he was on board} and other than having horrible flash backs to his last painting of our living room 3 years ago and me saying I would NEVER let him paint again {poor guy} 
he gave his usual answer, “I always think your crazy…but I’m always behind ya!”  
I’m pretty sure that was a compliment 🙂  
And so we are moving forward with the living room re-do.
What room in your house would you love to re-do?


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