I’m still here & a quick recap!

Still here..life has just been crazy busy.
This past weekend Hubby and I were able to escape from the kids for a wedding {on the beach} and a night with friends at a reception! 
The weather could not have been more gorgeous for a March wedding at the beach.
 It was fun and much needed.
On another note…
We’re gearing up for a big trip here in the Acosta house…
The kids are ecstatic and I’m borderline losing my mind!
Sitting in a car for.18.hours. with 3 kids age 5 and under…is not the most settling thought.
On top of the thought of everything that needs to be packed…Oye!
The lists have come out.
The cleaning has begun.
The bags are being packed…slowly.
And at the end of the week we will hit the open road 🙂
I haven’t been on here much lately-not to worry though I have been lurking!
Maybe it’s the fact that I’m feeling the writer’s block, or not feeling like my thoughts are important enough for others to want to read…
I’m thinking the latter of the last two 😦
I’ve been immersing myself in parenting/relationship/Christian books, 
and doing some soul searching.
Either way this vacation is going to be good.  A break.  
Some time with my thoughts.  
Hopefully the sand between my toes and I’m sure in my ears, on my sandwich and every other unmentionable place while trying to tackle the beach with 3 boys!
I’ve been thinking about re-doing the shop as well when we get back, possibly moving it to Store Envy.
Re-vamping the blog too.
Perhaps starting a diet, since beach season is right.around.the corner-HA! 
Time will tell.
Catch you on the flip side!
Enjoy a pic of me and Hubby at the wedding this past weekend!

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