This Friday

I’ve been a little MIA this week.  Definitely did not hit my 3-4 posts that I wanted too 😦  This has been a crazy week at work and home so I’m sorry!  I promise to come back next week stronger and less preoccupied-hopefully.  There will even be a {guest post} next week…my first one!!  How awesome?!  It feels great to spread these little wings of mine.  And my birthday is next week too… woot woot!!  So for now  I hope your week was a good one, and enjoy the upcoming weekend 🙂

What does this Friday mean to me?

A rainy morning at the bus stop with Angel.

Pay day- cha ching!

A trip to Bounce-U with the boys tonight for their reward of being very well behaved this week!

Catching up on some much needed reading {hopefully}.

A coffee date this weekend with my closest gals!

A visit from my husband’s long time friend.

Church on Sunday.

Folding a mountain of laundry-BOO!

A much needed break from the office atmosphere.

A few days closer to our Baltimore trip next week.

Only 6 days till my birthday!! Eeek 27!!!

And now my friends enjoy a b-e-a-utiful picture from Torola!

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