A Beautiful Offering

So there’s this uh-mazing blogger that I discovered a few months back and her name is Casey
 She holds some of the very same beautiful beliefs we have, and has two of the cutest kids!
Her and her husband have decided to hand it all over to Him, to put all of their trust in Him…
…and so far it has worked out!
He is good!
There have been hard times-but they have simply made her stronger and more thankful for what she already has.
We could all learn a lesson or two from this incredible woman.
Plus she has one of the most adorable senses of fashion-like EVER!
She’s someone I have started to look up to in this blogging community 🙂
A while back she mentioned this life changing book she read called A Beautiful Offering
  After hearing her talk about it more and more I decided I had to get my own copy and see for myself. 
 That’s all I can say.
 The amount of knowledge and thirst for Jesus this book left me with will forever be immeasurable
 The way Angela Thomas breaks down some of the most crucial passages in the bible and the way she tells us we need to start living our lives as a.beautiful.offering to Him is truly inspiring!
This book will leave you feeling refreshed!
It makes you feel like you can do well by Him,
and that he knows we are all trying our hardest! 
 It feels as though she is sitting right across from you at a table in a cafe drinking a chai latte and explaining life 🙂
There are no judgements.
This is no feeling of inadequacy.
We all have a clean slate.
She admits she hasn’t led the most Godly life and that He doesn’t expect you to either because if you read this post He knows we’re not perfect. 
 After reading this book I felt like I was able to breathe a high sigh of relief. 
 And take another deep breathe to start my beautiful offering to Him. 
 This will definitely be a once a year read and my newest go to birthday gift! 
 Thanks again Casey for bringing this wonderful book into my life!

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