A letter to 16 year old me

Dear 16 year old me,

Don’t worry about popularity because as soon as you graduate it won’t matter anymore.  In a few short years you will meet amazing people who will become life long friends-sisters almost-that will be by your side through your biggest life events.

You know that boy you’re head over heels in love with?  He will teach you many things {some good and some bad}, lessons about life, love, and learning but he will not turn out to be your true love.  It’s a painful lesson, but you will become a better person because of it- and be blessed with 3 adorable little boys.

Enjoy every second of your teenage years now because in 5 years you will become a mommy and while it is something you have ALWAYS wanted and is more rewarding than words can say it will be by far the hardest job you’ve ever done in your.entire.life.

Put more time and effort into your academics than field hockey,lacrosse, and parties because at the end of the day college’s want to see you excel in the books more than on the field and with your friends.

Go to your senior prom-it is a moment you will NEVER get back.

Even though you feel like you don’t have a concrete connection to you high school or the people in it-that’s okay and you will make it through this experience alive.  Don’t let insecurities and unknowns stop you from reaching your full potential.  Adapting to your surroundings will become one of your best qualities later in life.

Don’t join in activities just because your closest girlfriends are doing it.  Stand up for yourself and your beliefs and stay true to who you are.

Cut your parents some slack…they are dealing with their own issues.

Don’t skip class or write fake notes for early dismissals-you will get caught!

Most importantly enjoy your youth, live life to the fullest and never stop dreaming.  Reach for the moon, if you miss you’ll land upon the stars.  You’ll never know if you don’t try so give it your best shot!


A much older and wiser you

Enjoy some throwback pics! 


2 thoughts on “A letter to 16 year old me

  1. Awww…Erica, I knew you then, and I knew you were special, but I didn't know HOW special! I have enjoyed watching you be a Mom through FB. I am amazed at how much you get done and how your family is always first…you have grown into a lovely young woman, I'm proud to say I knew you when!!! Keep up the great work! Denise~


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