I am blank because

Inspired by Little Miss Momma, Casey Wiegand, & Lily White

I am {weird} because….

I think I sometimes enjoy kids movies more than my actual kids
I cannot eat in the dark
I answer my own questions once I say the question out loud-ALOT!
I can’t sleep with my feet covered
I have to sleep with my closet doors competely shut

I am {a bad friend} because…

I sometimes forget communication goes both ways
I can be stubborn
I don’t put as much effort into friendship as I do other areas of my life

I am {a good friend} because…

I am always here for my friends day or night
I can keep secrets
I am great with advice, therapy, and words
I try to put myself in my friends shoes
I do not judge

I am {sad} because…

I miss my Grandmom and Pop-Pop everyday
I’ve lost touch with a lot of used-to be close friends
I know there are children out there who are abused, malnourished, and can’t speak up for themselves and it breaks my heart
Most people are too quick to judge

I am {happy} because…

Thanksgiving=family overload
I have 3 healthy kids
I always wanted to be a mom, and now I am
I have a husband who is not afraid to do it ALL-diapers, dishes, bathtime
We are finally a 2 car family
I married my best friend and we’re doing everything on.our.own.

I am {excited} for…

Seeing what the new year brings
Watching my boys grow up-and being involved 100%
This journey we call LIFE đŸ™‚
Repairing and developing friendships
Seeing what God’s true calling is for me
Growing my shop and this lil blog
Meeting our college roomate’s newest addition Baby Khloe




These are *best friends*
Pass it on…and leave a comment linking to yours!


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