A little something about me

So the whole idea of this blog is to let others see the real you.  
To not hide behind fake words and pretty sentences, because lets face it life is real-it’s not always shiny with glitter, or cookie cutter perfect
Life is tough, and people have flaws-but it is how we view those flaws and accept people that make the world go round!    
Tonight I am going to share with you a fact about me that many do not know…
Every day I write in my journal.  Yes that’s right…I’m 26 and I still have a diary.
This journal is a bit different than an ordinary journal though…it is my prayer/gratitude journal.  
That’s right!  Every day, usually in the morning {sometimes during my lunch break if its a really busy day} I take a few minutes to write down at least 5 things I am grateful for and write down all of my prayers for that day.
My 5 grateful items can be something as simple as: being grateful for shoes to being grateful for someone showing me compassion the day before. 
I think this is something that is truly special and will be just awesome to look back on years from now.
It will be kind of funny..somewhat ironic… I’m sure to see what it was I was praying for and how He decided to put His plan into action. 
Do you still keep a journal?

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