Just one more for the night!

Okay so now that I have posted 3 times in one night after not having posted in over a MONTH…are you sick of me yet?! I just wanted to touch on one more topic…okay maybe two 🙂

First off…my facebook fan page for {Ga Ga Galore} has officially hit 200 fans and it feels GREAT!! So here is a big shout out to everyone who has helped spread the word about my business and helped to get people over to my page. If you haven’t yet, what are you waiting for?! GOOOO!

Now, second since I can’t seem to keep up w/ posting on here daily I think I will set myself up with a goal to at least post once a week. Maybe posting once a week I can give you guys the run down of what has happened in our family/crazy life for the past week because most days I don’t feel like anything significant enough has happened to post daily. So here is to my attempt at posted once a week 🙂

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