Merry Christmas!

‘Tis the season! I feel like I have been away from this blogging thing forever, but ahh it feels good to be back. Ok…semi-back! Things are still crazy at our house, we haven’t found a routine yet, but things are starting to feel slightly back to normal so that’s a good thing, right?! Ha ha!

So the Christmas season is upon us and the busy-ness of it added to our already hectic schedule has made the month of December fly right by. Aaron will be exactly one month old tomorrow and I can’t believe Christmas is a short 9 days away (eek! single digits- insert wide eyes and open mouth here)! I can safely say we are 98% done with our shopping, our tree is decorated, and the presents are wrapped.

Today we took the boys to the mall to get our annual family Christmas ornament and hopefully a quick picture with Santa. Fortunately we were able to accomplish both of these tasks and nobody had a tantrum or a meltdown (my husband and I included LOL)! You’ll notice in the Santa picture there are only 2 children pictured…UNfortunately this year our 2 year old has decided he is scared to death of Santa so he wouldn’t go anywhere near the big red guy! I figure 2 out of 3 kids isn’t bad ha ha! I also snagged a really sweet deal on 2 Land’s End jackets, one for winter and one for spring/fall, as well as a fleece vest! Confession: They are all TOTAL Mommy clothes and I absolutely LOVE them 🙂

Next week we are looking forward to our oldest son’s Christmas play/party at his school as well as family coming in for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day celebrations! Until then I will leave you with these pictures to show our Christmas spirit thus far!


“Baby” Angel at Bounce U last week with Santa!

Family Christmas Ornament 2010

2 out of 3 kids with Santa!

Our Christmas Tree 2010

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