Happy Saturday, plus some exciting news :)

It’s a Saturday morning and I’m sitting here enjoying my coffee (decaf of course!) while the boys eat their breakfast and watch yet another episode of iCarly on demand. I went to the doctor yesterday and in addition to being nearly 38 weeks pregnant I’m also 2cm dilated so it’s just a matter of time at this point! We’re super excited and cannot wait to meet our new little guy that will be joining our family.

Thursday I found myself at Joann’s again buying more fabric, and supplies to get started on my newest project-baby bibs!! Yesterday I was able to take some time in the morning while my husband watched the boys (he’s really been so good with that lately) to get started. I’m posting pictures of bibs that I started working on yesterday thanks to this tutorial. They’re not perfect, but I did find they were easier with each one I made. I also like this project because it helped me learn how to control my sewing machine’s speed and the way the material needed to be moved through the machine with precision. It was really fun! Enjoy and happy Saturday!


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