Another sewing project :)

Ever since the birth of our second son, Ayden, we have become a very pro-breast feeding family so I was out shopping the other day at Target and while walking up and down the baby aisles looking at all the cute stuff I came across the disposable nursing pads I used and noticed that the price went up on them AGAIN! At first I thought to myself no biggie, you need them so there’s nothing you can do just suck it up and put them in the cart. Then I remembered seeing adorable, handmade reusable nursing pads on Etsy and I thought to myself WHY NOT?!! I came home and started researching them online and was able to use a combination of this tutorial as well as this one for when I decide to try to make them contoured. So ladies and gentlemen here they are my first batch of reusable nursing pads (pink w/ elephants)! I was able to make 12 more this afternoon in just 30 minutes, how awesome!!

P.S. The front is made of fleece and the backs are 3 layers of cotton/flannelet.




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