Feeling Homey :)

Blame it on the fall weather, how the leaves just float and fly through the crisp fresh air in their fiery oranges and bright reds. Blame it on me being 36 weeks pregnant and entering my nesting phase, or you can blame it on me realizing that we are about to bring baby #3 into the world and feeling the need to have a stronger grip on our everyday activities and routine. Something has come over me lately that makes me feel very domestic. I try to take each day a day at a time and remember that we are blessed by all we have. Our faith, family, friends, and children are the most important things to us. Lately I have been finding inspiration from other mom’s through blogs, books, or even their Etsy shops. If you have been following a long you would know that recently I have taken up sewing and have completely immersed myself in the culture of it and all it has to offer. This is something I have wanted to learn since shortly after having Ayden, more than 2 years ago and I’m so glad that I’ve finally started doing it, instead of just wanting to do it! Most days my house is a mess, there is laundry to be folded, and my kids don’t listen to me but in the grand scheme of things it’s all about enjoying life and taking each day as it comes!


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