A great buy!

I’ve been pretty good since I’ve been back to blogging at keeping up with a post every day or so…but this past weekend was just so INCREDIBLY busy that it was impossible. Between Halloween parties at school, going away, and trick or treating we’ve been swamped! So now that I’m done giving excuses as to why i haven’t been blogging LOL let me tell you about my latest and greatest find on Craigslist! I was patient enough,kept checking back, and it paid off. A lady in my town was selling a sewing machine she bought for her teenage daughter that her daughter ended up barely using. Their loss was my treasure! This lady gave me a practically BRAND NEW sewing machine (with the instruction manual), a ton of accessories, a bunch of fabric, (which is great because I can use it to practice on rather than buying fabric at the store) and a huge bag filled with batting to stuff pillows and make little kids items/dolls. She sold me all of this, including the sewing machine, for only $15!!!!!! So i brought it home one night last week and taught myself how to thread the needle, thread the bobbin, etc and 2 hours later practiced some stitches on fabric! Needless to say it felt great! I’ve included pictures so you can see everything i purchased. I’ve already got a few beginner projects in mind so i’ll keep you posted when I attempt them!






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