My First Craft!

So we have been having a terrible power struggle in our house with our son Angel who is 4. I feel like I’m dealing with a teenager when it comes to his attitude, behavior, and rudeness. Yes many of you may say he is only 4, leave him be; however I am a person who likes order in my house as well as a routine. So this is my solution (well solution #1 LOL)…a behavior chart. He will be rewarded with 1 gold star when he shows each behavior. In the beginning we are going to start the star count off small where Angel will have to earn 3 stars in one day and when he does he will be able to pick a prize from his special prize box!! Because Angel is only 4 I am going to do this on a daily basis rather than weekly and see where that takes us. So without further ado on my journey to becoming more crafty I attempted to take pictures to show you the project before and after, enjoy!

Here are the materials I started with.


Here are the behaviors we are hoping to work on:

Brushing his teeth


Cleaning up his toys

Being kind to his brother

Speaking quietly



Angels Reward box


The Goodies inside!


Our stars for the star system


The Final Project!



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